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Solvent Based Adhesive Needs to be Controlled

  • Update:05-09-2017
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    Now more and more flexible packaging companies are conc […]

    Now more and more flexible packaging companies are concerned about environmental, health and safety (HSE) issues, especially when using adhesives, there are many problems worth discussing. Here we welcome companies to express their views, improve the overall level of China's adhesive industry. At present, the focus of the discussion is solvent based adhesive. The general view is that the solvent is harmful and dangerous to the environment. The government was asked to enact regulations to restrict its use. For example, the requirements for the control of VOC (organic volatiles) content, emissions of HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants). At this requirement, solvent-free, water-based, hot-melt adhesives, UV / electronic curing products and other products have been developed to replace the traditional solvent-based products.

    Hot melt adhesives, solvent-free products in the production and use of the process requires a greater amount of heat, water-based products in the production and use of the process also need a lot of heat, the use of 1 kg of adhesive, how much fuel it consumes, And other contaminants. Sometimes this consumption of the environment is only from one place to another, a resource to another resource, raising the cost is still only partial transfer; the transfer also means that the previous process and equipment to give up and new The requirements of the process equipment, which in turn formed a lot of waste of resources.

    Globally, there is still a difference in the understanding of solvent based adhesives. Some solvents are listed in the VOC control list products in Europe and are not included in the United States. Such as acetone, because the United States that acetone is like carbon dioxide and other natural products can be produced.

    All chemicals, whether solvent or other types of products, should have a normal view, like electricity and medicine and other products, should be controlled and managed, do not let it harm health and life, destruction of the environment; , Can not because of some of its side effects and overall negative. In the case of solvent-borne two-component polyurethane adhesives, it is still of great significance to study new products to meet new requirements and to reduce solvent content and operational use.

    Regardless of the solvent based adhesive or non-solvent type, the ability to meet the requirements of the product is still the bottom line of the product, which is also a number of ester-soluble two-component adhesive alternatives failed to overcome the obstacles.