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Solvent Free Adhesive Creates Great Value For Users

  • Update:26-06-2017
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    Environmental regulations continue to increase, to stim […]

    Environmental regulations continue to increase, to stimulate the growth and development of solvent free adhesives. As mentioned in the Food & Beverage News, these new adhesives are changing the flexible packaging industry. If the binder contains no more than 5% of the solvent in the formulation, no solvent is considered. There are two main types of solventless adhesives. Water-based adhesives: The largest solvent free technology, tend to have a higher surface energy than solvent based adhesives to improve the performance of adhesives for a given application. Hot melt: the fastest growing solvent free technology, it offers versatility and good use of the cost, there is a quick set time.

    The adhesives and sealants committee cited solvent-free adhesives that affected the flexible packaging market by using packages that are usually lighter and require less shelf space for display, storage and transportation. Solvent-free adhesives provide good clarity, temperature resistance and humidity barrier. They are used to connect films, foils, or paper layers in high-performance packaging.

    Most people know that the solvent is bad, but they do not always know why. Short-term effects include dizziness, fatigue and irritation of the eye and respiratory system. Long-term effects include damage to the heart, skin, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, bone marrow and nervous system. The body is exposed to the solvent by inhalation of smoke, absorption of fog or contact with a solvent containing the solvent. Therefore, the most commonly used is solvent free adhesive.

    HMT hot melt adhesives are solvent-free and provide excellent adhesion. In addition, curing takes 80% over a few seconds. This means that the adhesive material can be manufactured immediately, saving you time, manpower and square feet (without providing space for the curing panel). HMT solvent free adhesives have a long shelf life, no water.

    In this era of rapid economic development, Solvent free adhesive for the user to create a great value, which on the one hand to solve the problem of solvent residues, on the other hand do not need new equipment investment, so as to save the user Millions of equipment investment costs. Especially in our environment of environmental protection, it is our priority choice.