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Solvent Free Adhesive is the Result of Advanced

  • Update:05-06-2017
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    Solvent free adhesive, is the use of a new generation o […]

    Solvent free adhesive, is the use of a new generation of materials synthesized by the advanced technology of a new type of glue. Solvent-free adhesives originated in Europe in the 1960s and have developed rapidly in Europe and the United States, and by the end of 2000, solvent-free composite products accounted for about 60% of the total European market, The compound gradually eroded the dry compound product area. Some experts predict that solvent-free adhesives will eventually replace the dry adhesive, a flexible packaging compound the main mode of production.

    Solvent free adhesives can be used in existing solvent-based dry-cleaning equipment, suitable for many color printing plant eager to improve the residual solvent high, reduce production costs, without the need for new equipment investment requirements. In this era of rapid development, solvent-free adhesives have created great value for us, which solves the problem of solvent residue and eliminates the need for specialized equipment to save cost.

    At present in the composite flexible packaging industry, China's solvent free adhesive alternative solvent based adhesives there are still some obstacles, most environmentally friendly solvent free adhesives on the process and equipment are required, which means that the previous process and equipment to give up and new technology equipment Of the update, will form a lot of waste of resources. In particular, solvent free adhesives need special solvent free composite machine equipment investment, the higher requirements of the operator, solvent free products are more prone to compound quality problems, these factors constrain its promotion in China.

    Environmental protection and efficiency will be the future trend of the packaging industry, the domestic packaging materials production enterprises are actively developing new materials to meet the needs of the future, new products. In the case of composite adhesives, environmentally friendly, safe, water-based and solvent-free adhesives will replace traditional solvent-borne adhesives as a consensus in the packaging industry, and solvent free composites are gaining increasing attention, solvent-free equipment Enterprises, glue enterprises, packaging enterprises are working together for the common goal.