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Some Tips for You to Buy Right Adhesive

  • Update:08-12-2016
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    Selecting the right adhesive for yourself (DIY) project […]

    Selecting the right adhesive for yourself (DIY) projects is of great importance. This is because not only an unsuitable Adhesive will not serve the binding purpose, but at the same time can further damage the surfaces on which it is applied. In today's world, one can choose from uncountable number of Adhesives, based on type of composition, use, brands, quality, etc. Given the vast availability, choosing the right one is not that easy as it may seem. Here are some tips that can be considered to buy right adhesive.

    Whenever there is requirement of an adhesive, one should identify the exact nature of binding first. The nature of binding requirement can be known through the following points:

    Check the surfaces of two objects or substrates that are to be joined. If the surfaces are flexible then a flexible Adhesive should be used. But if the surfaces are rigid then rather strong Binding Adhesive Gum should be used.

    The second aspect is to see whether or not the surfaces are porous. In cases where both the surfaces are non-porous, solvent or water based Adhesives should not be used. The reason behind this is that the solvent will get trapped between the substrates and will reduce the bonding strength of the Solvent Based Adhesive. Here one should use only Reactive Curing Adhesives like Silicone Glue, Super Glue, Epoxy Resin Glue, etc.

    Third point to be considered here is a bit technical one. One should check whether the surfaces are expandable or stable. And if they are expandable then what is the difference in the expansion rates of the two. This must be ensured because only flexible Adhesives should be used so that the bond so formed can stand strain and stress.

    Now, we come to other factors depending on which one can buy the type of Adhesive to be used:

    Environmental Condition - If the joined surfaces are to be kept in the open, then a water resistant Adhesive is a must.

    Setting Time - If the surfaces or objects can be clamped for the period of setting of the Adhesive then a normal Adhesive will serve the purpose. But if not, then super-fast setting Adhesive should be used.