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Some Types of Hot Melt Adhesive

  • Update:07-04-2017
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    Hot Melt Adhesive is a thermoplastic, polymer based adh […]

    Hot Melt Adhesive is a thermoplastic, polymer based adhesive which is applied in the molten state and which functions primarily by mechanical anchorage. Like all adhesives, hot melt adhesives are typically composed of one or more polymers plus additives such as pigments, stabilizers and so on.

    There are several types of Hot Melt Adhesive. In the following part, some of them will be listed.

    Fabric Hot Melt Adhesive

    Fabric Hot Melt Adhesive is mainly used for the production of clothing, shoes and hats. The use of this adhesive clothing not only has a crisp, full of appearance quality, as well as a natural post-wash, without ironing can wear characteristics. With this kind of adhesive, shoes and caps will look light and breathable, even good shape. Especially for the footwear industry, it fits comfortable and can reduce the problem of shoes.

    Edged hot melt adhesive

    Edged hot melt adhesive is a hot melt adhesive, mainly used in the furniture manufacturing industry to make furniture more refined, perfect and durable. Our country is lack of wood, so in addition to a small amount of high-grade furniture using solid wood, most of the furniture usually using fibreboard, shavings or sawdust board production. At the edge of those furniture, hot melt adhesive plays an indispensable role to seal and solid the material.

    hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive

    Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) is a thermoplastic polymer-based adhesive, combining hot melt adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive characteristics together, no solvent, no pollution, convenient and high productivity. It is smeared in the molten state, after cooling and applying mild finger pressure can play a role in bonding. It is widely used in diapers, woman's products, double-sided tape, labels, packaging, medical and health, book binding, surface protection film, wood processing, wallpaper and footwear, etc.Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive takes the largest consumption in packaging, almost half of the total.