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Super Adhesive is Very Resistant to Heat and Water

  • Update:26-04-2017
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    Many people may see super adhesive as the world's stron […]

    Many people may see super adhesive as the world's strongest glue. These gums are actually a class of adhesives called cyanoacrylates, also known as quick sols. If you are looking for glue or adhesive products from a strong to a volume point of view, super adhesive may provide the strongest adhesives compared to other adhesives and are very resistant to most chemicals, water and mild heat By. But the disadvantage is that they are not flexible, so any bending, expansion or contraction will become brittle and broken.

    However, for other adhesives it is the strongest adhesive because of their ruggedness, flexibility, water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and chemical resistance. They are high performance adhesives for the construction of aircraft, cars and boats, and they can be developed for almost any wood, metal, glass, glass fiber, stone and some plastic applications. While these adhesives provide high adhesion, low shrinkage and high fatigue resistance, the drawback is that a large amount of surface treatment is required, having a long curing time and having a low peel strength.

    Of course, there are other relatively strong polyurethane adhesives, it can be like Super Adhesive bonding to a variety of substrates, water, heat and cold, can be used for various purposes. It is quicker than the epoxy adhesive, expands after application, and is different from epoxy, which can be polished, painted and dyeable. However, polyurethane adhesives generally do not have a & quot; lap shear strength & quot; that is as high as that of epoxy resins. This lap shear strength is a measure of the ability of the adhesive to withstand the ability to be applied to the bonded substrate in the opposite direction.

    No matter what type of adhesive, should pay attention to its storage. The optimum temperature for the use and storage of the adhesive is between 64 and 77 degrees and 40 to 60% humidity. If the temperature or humidity are closed, the viscosity and adhesion of the adhesive will be affected. Usually, in sunshine in the studio, the sun can hit the adhesive directly. It is important to place the PUR adhesive in a cool place after placing it on the jade.