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Synthetic Adhesive are Widely Used in the Military Field

  • Update:10-04-2017
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    Adhesive, that is, natural adhesives, Synthetic Adhesiv […]

    Adhesive, that is, natural adhesives, Synthetic Adhesive and sealants for short, is a class of excellent adhesive properties of the material. The latter two are a variety of varieties, less production, the use of significant value, significant economic benefits of the product. Its wide range of applications, from the wood processing industry gradually extended to all areas of the national economy and people's lives in all aspects.

    At present, China's synthetic adhesive production is more dispersed, although there are many manufacturers, but the scale of the product, the level of the enterprise accounted for only about 8%. In recent years, the rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and township enterprises, especially the emergence of foreign-funded enterprises, not only to promote the development of China's adhesive industry, greatly improving the production technology of China's adhesive industry, but also to fill some of the adhesive products blank.

    Synthetic adhesive is a kind of important material in the production and life. The process of bonding is usually a small molecule of liquid adhesive, which is converted into macromolecule or polymer by chemical reaction. China's synthetic adhesive consumption from the number to calculate, packaging industry, construction industry, wood processing industry accounted for about 68% of the three major areas, followed by footwear, cars, cigarettes and other industries.

    In general, synthetic adhesives are widely used in military applications. For example, military boats generally use a one-time bonding of glass fiber reinforced plastic, so the adhesive is required for high viscosity, and synthetic adhesives has become the best choice. Tank engine shell cracks are common flaws. This is because it is too tired, and then bear too much external force caused by. If the welding method to solve such problems, will lead to deformation of the material, so you need to use synthetic adhesive.

    In recent years, due to the importance of environmental protection, the international gradually began to study the environment does not harm the synthetic adhesive, the future of the adhesive market will be environmentally friendly.