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Synthetic Adhesive Is Available For Book Binding

  • Update:05-07-2017
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    Fasteners, welding, brazing, nails, etc. are automated […]

    Fasteners, welding, brazing, nails, etc. are automated bonding mechanisms that allow the use of any dear synthetic adhesive is another advantage. Synthetic adhesives are usually best conditioned or deeply affected depending on the characteristics of the device and the properties of the primer. Now let's see how the adhesive collective works. To be prepared, leave a few drops of baking on it. If the baptism spreads the moist surface, rather than the beads, the adhesive ink and the anatomical structure can make a strong bond. Observe the default pre-drying tape adhesive and try to bond the purchase to the surface.

    Do you know that the binding tool is considered to be derived from India? The religious script is copied to the palm leaf with a metal stylus. The leaves are then dried and wiped with ink to stain the wounds on the leaves. Twisted pair through the board through each end, create a palm leaf book. Today, the stapling process has evolved to rely on a range of adhesive solutions to ensure that books you like to read remain intact. Although there are many recipes available on the market, today two major synthetic adhesives - EVA hot melt and PUR hot melt are used in modern binding.

    EVAs and PUR are hot melt type, but the cost, strength, application and other characteristics are different. Each adhesive has its advantages and disadvantages, so we recommend that you consider the requirements of your binding application. Most EVA is likely to be used to bind novels and magazines. In contrast, due to their increased durability, PURs are popular choices for textbooks or the most difficult to paste papers and book covers.

    If you reduce the adhesive consumption to affect your performance, you can consider switching to adhesives with higher viscosity and higher adhesion, reducing the bead width without sacrificing package integrity.