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The Advantages and Uses of Pur Adhesive

  • Update:25-02-2017
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    PUR Adhesive is a type of glue used in book binding and […]

    PUR Adhesive is a type of glue used in book binding and woodworking. Polyurethane is a class of polymers that are created from a chain of organic units, joined together with urethane links. There are a wide range of polyurethane adhesive products available. Different chemical combinations result in different properties. The chemical composition can be alerted to produce different levels of stiffness, density and hardness.

    Polyurethane adhesives have excellent shear strength and impact resistance properties, suitable for a variety of structural bonding areas, and have excellent flexibility characteristics. It also has excellent rubber properties, can adapt to different thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate bonding, it is formed between the substrate with a soft - hard transition layer, not only strong adhesion, but also has excellent buffer, Earthquake function. Polyurethane adhesives have low temperature and ultra low temperature properties over all other types of adhesives.

    The major advantage of a polyurethane adhesive is that it is water resistant. This property makes it the glue of choice for book binders and book repair firms. The glue has a very low viscosity level, cures within seconds and has a pliable state in room temperature conditions. When used in terms of adhesives, the cure time is the length of time required before the adhesive has bonded the two items together.

    In addition, the polyurethane adhesive also has a toughness adjustable, easy bonding process, excellent low temperature performance and excellent stability and so on. It is precisely because of the excellent adhesive properties of polyurethane adhesives and the adaptability of bonding to a variety of substrates such as cars, wood, shoes, packaging, construction, ink and so on. So that its application areas continue to expand at home and abroad in recent years become the fastest growing adhesive.