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The Application and Advantages of PUR Glue

  • Update:15-03-2017
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    PUR glue (also known as polyurethane PUR hot melt adhes […]

    PUR glue (also known as polyurethane PUR hot melt adhesive) is to adapt to a variety of different weight of the printing paper, plastic film varnish and ink and other materials and design, is a rigid and soft low temperature hot melt adhesive. Its main component is active polyols (polyesters, polyethers, etc.) with active hydrogen, low molecular weight diols (chain extenders) and isocyanate addition polymers. Isocyanate groups encounter moisture in the air will produce irreversible text reaction to form a solid adhesive layer This is the inherent characteristics of PUR glue.

    PUR glue does not contain any organic solvents, solid content of 100%, green. It has excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability and so on. At the same time with excellent initial strength, but also has a cross-linking curing function, so that the final bond strength higher.

    Domestic hot melt adhesive application has been from the traditional health products, packaging, book binding and other fields extended to clothing, tape, footwear and even refrigerators, cables, automobiles and other industries. Domestic hot melt market development and the developed countries vary widely. In Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries and regions, accounting for hot melt market before the four areas of the general packaging, hygiene products, book binding, carpentry and assembly, packaging industry which accounted for 30% of the total market demand of 40%. In the domestic hot melt adhesive market before the several industries are: health products, clothing, sticks, book binding and packaging.

    PUR glue in the printing industry is the use of printing products with the increasingly diversified and gradually promote it to bond a variety of materials, including varnish coating, UV curing layer, plastic film and coated paper will not be volatile by a variety of materials The impact of the performance of the performance degradation, affecting product quality. From the current collection of information and samples to see with PUR glue (pur hot melt machine, pur scraping gun, polyurethane hot melt machine, pur binding, pur glue) and the commonly used books and hot melt adhesive adhesive books Compared to the advantages of the very obvious.