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The Ease of Pur Gum Cleaning Up

  • Update:18-01-2017
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    Is Pur Gum one-part adhesive offering the strength of a […]

    Is Pur Gum one-part adhesive offering the strength of an epoxy without mixing.

    It needs 3 to 20 hours to fully cure, but it can bond most of the materials.

    Cures in the presence of moisture, so wetting one or both materials to be joined is required.

    Good for a bond between either similar or dissimilar surfaces an is commonly used in woodworking.

    Waterproof, sandable, paintable and stainable.

    Waterproof Abilities and Heat Resistance Properties

    To create bonds that need to be waterproof you can select from a number of adhesive options. Your choices include water-based contact cement, silicone based adhesives, two-part epoxies, or superglue. Most wood adhesives don’t take too well to even relatively low amounts of moisture.

    In terms of heat resistance abilities the aforementioned types of adhesives will also be most effective.

    The Ease of Cleaning Up

    Different individual constitutions of adhesives make different degrees of cleaning ease.

    Adhesives that can be easily cleaned up using water alone include wood glue and white glue, silicone sealers, and water-based contact cements.

    Other adhesives glues require the use of a solvent like acetone to clean up. In this category we have non-water based silicone adhesives, two-part epoxies, and superglue.

    The Environment in Which the Adhesive will be Used

    This is by all means a very important consideration when selecting an adhesive. While most of the common adhesives will work perfectly indoors the same can’t be said of their performance outdoors. This is of course due to environmental factors like humidity, moisture, and varying temperatures. It therefore requires you to buy wisely with the type and location of job being the main determining factors of your purchase.

    It is a bit difficult for users to select a suitable adhesive. Fortunately, most glue manufacturers do a really good job of labeling the materials each of their adhesives is designed to work with. So when it comes to choosing an adhesive, take the time to actually read the labels and get the right adhesive for your project.