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The Hot Melt Adhesive is Reversible Relative to Other Adhesives

  • Update:18-04-2017
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    As one of the most widely used adhesives for home and c […]

    As one of the most widely used adhesives for home and commercial use, hot melt adhesives are widely used in packaging, binding, labeling, nonwovens, handicrafts, construction, electronics and other product assays, mainly due to the provision of hot melt adhesives The focus can be set quickly and easy to use. Unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives do not need to be dried. The hot melt adhesive starts almost immediately after application. This rapid solidification is ideal for production lines that require fast bonding and highly automated.

    Joyachem hot melt adhesives are significantly different from other common adhesive products. First, the natural shape of the adhesive is solid and plastic in appearance. In order to activate the adhesive properties, the hot melt adhesive needs to be heated and, due to its thermoplasticity, causes the material to become plastic and soft. Once cooled after application, the hot melt is cured again, bringing the two surfaces closer together and causing adhesion. However, when reheated to the correct temperature, the bonding caused by cooling can be reversed, unlike many other types of glue that irreversibly bind to the material to which it is applied.

    Although this makes the hot melt adhesive more versatile and flexible, this feature may also be hampered if the adhesive is applied to a substrate that undergoes a high temperature. Therefore, the material exposed to high temperatures should be more irreversible heat-resistant adhesive.

    Once melted, the hot melt adhesive flows in the form of liquid and is easily applied to the space, and other plastic products can not be reached, especially when combined with suitable hot glue applicators (guns) and nozzles. Many glue guns are specifically designed to disperse the glue into incredibly small, uneven or complex spaces. This ensures that the glue can reach all corners and horny, so that the adhesion between the surface stronger, higher coverage.

    Global hot melt adhesive market competition, highly consolidated, a large number of well-known industry participants to diversify the product investment. Taking into account the global outlook, hot melt industry is mainly driven by Europe, the United States and China three regions. In the United States, hot melt market in the next few years will continue to grow.