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The Lamination Adhesive Has a Strong Bond Advantage

  • Update:29-08-2017
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    In fact, lamination adhesive in industrial production i […]

    In fact, lamination adhesive in industrial production is one of the most common adhesive, high-performance composite adhesive on a variety of films with strong adhesion, usually used for thick and thin layer of material composite , Especially for some difficult to adhere to film substrates such as: PVC, PET, aluminum foil, silver foil, thick PE, etc. have a better bonding effect. Fast curing, with a high initial bonding strength, excellent peel strength, high temperature performance, multi-layer reinforced structure of the thick film has a high bonding strength, PVC, PE film has a better Adhesion and heat sealing performance, high transparency, high brightness, good film.

    Commonly used composite packaging materials: cellophane, plastic, paper, metal foil, plastic, metal foil and so on. There are dry paper, plastic and other materials. The performance of the composite packaging material is also related to the adhesive used in the composite, the choice of adhesive must consider its adhesion, resistance to media, heat resistance, health and so on. Therefore, a good composite packaging materials can not be separated from high-quality lamination adhesive.

    Lamination adhesive has a very good economy, good mechanical processing performance and wetting properties, composite effect after the first sticky particularly obvious, with good transparency and flexibility, anti-aging, odorless. The main agent and curing agent in the composite processing does not immediately have a high adhesive strength, the need for products into the aging room 24-48 hours after the winter and summer operating environment is different, please pay attention. The initial composite composite film to be as mature as possible at least one day before rewinding or manufacturing three composite film. Adhesive in the unopened, packed containers stored in sunscreen, dry place, storage period of 8 months, after opening the package to run out in the short term.

    Lamination adhesive can be used directly, in order to improve the adhesion and washing performance, can be added 3-5% of the special curing agent, stirring evenly. It is suitable for roller coating, scratch coating and so on. If the sponge and cloth fit, glue surface for the sponge. The amount of coating is 25-40g / M², according to different fabric requirements and adjust. If the product viscosity is too large, you can add appropriate amount of water against the dilute. Add water to determine the mixing evenly. If the skin sticky adhesive, can be washed with water and soap, if the eyes into the goods with plenty of water rinse, serious medical treatment.