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The Operation Method of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

  • Update:07-06-2017
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    Adhesive is a material that binds two kinds of material […]

    Adhesive is a material that binds two kinds of materials, hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive, and hot melt adhesive film is a form of hot melt. Strong bonding strength is the ultimate goal of all people want to achieve, how to form the best bonding effect, in fact, you usually do not pay attention to some small details.

    Glue like medicine, the right medicine to cure, the same, depending on the material to glue. Different materials, different surface characteristics are not the same, so they rely on the bonding mechanism is not the same. According to the nature of the material to be bonded, choose the appropriate hot melt adhesive film, in order to obtain the ideal bonding effect. In addition, the choice of hot melt adhesive film should have good adhesion performance, but also should have good operability, good durability, strong initial bonding strength and late bonding strength.

    Adhesive surface adhesion of the pollutants, the formation of adhesion play a hindrance, of course, will reduce the bonding effect, then you need to pretreatment of the bonding surface. The use of physical mechanical or chemical methods to remove contaminants, so as to get a better bonding surface.

    Adhesive temperature is a special element used in hot melt adhesives film because hot melt adhesive begin to melt at a certain temperature and require special attention. When the sizing temperature is too low, the hot melt adhesive film can not be fully melted, poor mobility, glue can not be a good penetration; when the sizing temperature is too high, hot melt film melting too full, if Failure to adjust the hot press time will result in excessive osmosis and consequent gelation. When the sizing temperature reaches 200 ℃ or more, will cause a certain degree of sintering phenomenon, hot melt film will produce a certain degree of carbonation, will also cause poor bonding effect. Hot melt adhesive bonding operation time is the corresponding temperature adjustment, the high temperature of the case, the time will be shorter; and low temperature, it is necessary to extend the corresponding time.