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The Overview of China Joyachem Lamination Adhesive

  • Update:23-02-2017
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    Lamination Adhesive is a compound that is used to bond […]

    Lamination Adhesive is a compound that is used to bond or adhere two different items. Laminating adhesive also does the same work.

    Many materials can be laminated, such as paper, polyester film, polyethylene film, metal foil and fabric, as well as paper or film or wood, film or film, paper or foil and other different combinations. After laminating, the material can be given a variety of different properties. Most users using radiation curable adhesives use continuous roll feed. UV or EB laminating adhesives can be formulated in 100% solids to a variety of viscosities for use in a variety of coating applications.

    There are some laminating adhesives:

    Drying laminating adhesive are simply having some solvent. With time solvent and the two surfaces of laminating films sticks together. This is used in household applications. The bonding strength is not so much but this is safer and no toxic in nature.

    The fast cure laminating adhesives are made of solvent free materials. It is specially formulated to give a relatively low viscosity and a fast cure and is used as a laminating adhesive and is particularly suitable for the bonding of paper based materials and can be used on other surfaces such as chipboard, galvanized steel, GRP and other plastics, glass, wood, cork, polyurethane foam, polystyrene and mineral wool. In addition, it is designed to be hand applied by roller, squeegee, scraper etc., but can be applied by mechanical means.

    Water based lamination adhesive is highly recognized for precise composition which gives Superb Bonding, Shining & Coverage.

    Adhesive can be instantly bonded, high temperature bonding and ultra-low temperature bonding. It can also be used for underwater bonding for medical bonding. It should be noted that each product has a storage period, according to international standards and domestic standards, storage period at room temperature (24 ℃) circumstances. For different sticky objects, it is best to use special adhesive.