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The Synthetic Adhesive in Various Industries

  • Update:24-05-2017
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    The adhesive can be glued together by the adhesion of t […]

    The adhesive can be glued together by the adhesion of the surface of the synthetic adhesive material. With the synthetic adhesive to the two were firmly bonded together into a glue. Synthetic adhesive has high bonding strength and good water resistance.

    Synthetic adhesives are used in many industries. Modern automotive industry, technological progress requires structural materials lightweight, driving safety, energy saving and environmental protection, beautiful and comfortable, so must use aluminum alloy, glass steel, honeycomb sandwich structure, plastic, rubber and other new materials, must use bonding instead of welding, The amount of synthetic adhesive increased significantly. The aviation industry is the earliest use of adhesives industry, aircraft manufacturing industry is the main user of structural adhesives. Aviation industry and space technology and so on a large number of honeycomb structure, high strength composite materials, glass steel, foam, sealing materials, these materials are manufactured and connected are inseparable from synthetic adhesives and sealing materials.

    Integrated circuits, computers and other electronic components, parts and machine production and assembly, should use adhesives and sealants. A variety of home appliances electrical equipment, extensive use of adhesives and sealants, such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners and so on. In addition, a variety of decorative materials, paste and fix a lot of synthetic adhesive. Synthetic adhesive used to repair concrete structural parts defects, cracks, easy to operate, not only to ensure the use of performance, and the appearance of smooth.

    In the ship assembly, whether it is glass fiber reinforced plastic, wood, or metal structures are used to synthetic rubber. In addition to the conventional adhesive for the structural bonding of parts, the ship is sailing in the special environment of the river, lake and sea, and a large number of sealants are used for deck slits, cabin and various oil, water pipes and cables of the seal.