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The Use of Joyachem Food Packaging Glue

  • Update:25-03-2017
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    Food Packaging Glue is divided into two types: glue poi […]

    Food Packaging Glue is divided into two types: glue point and environmental protection fragrance type packaging glue.

    Glue point, also known as dotted plastic, fixed Dianjiao, Dianjiaojiao, granule plastic, Peas glue, nose glue point, positioning plastic point, no trace can be transferred plastic, no trace of plastic point, industrial plastic point, Is a preformed small plastic point, ultra-thin type of plastic point, elastic plastic point and mobile glue point, double-sided paste transparent adhesive.

    Glue point can be bonded paper, cloth, wood, sponge, water pine, glass, plastic, metal materials, plastic, polystyrene foam, and many other materials. It is suitable for paper packaging, paper card and PVC film positioning, books and attachments manual fixed, PET paste, printed version, printing and decorating (with DVD), food packaging (such as Jiuhe / candy packaging), greeting card production Handicrafts, toys, gifts, candles upright, bathroom products and stent fixed and bonding, small household electrical appliances packaging, direct mail and promotion, product exhibition, signboard, amateur production, family, school and office activities, Fragile and liquid product packaging and electronic products packaging and other industries. For large assembly products factory, not only save the working hours, but also enhance the product packaging image, improve the company's visibility.

    Its color is transparent, open the package can be used directly. And there will be no sticky stains on the adherend after separation, and the surface of the adherend will not be damaged. Better than traditional double-sided tape, more secure, more convenient to use, and environmentally friendly. Can be used for large quantities of product assembly. It is faster and safer than hot melt guns, and is cleaner and cleaner than liquid adhesives, leaving a residue unlike traditional double-sided tapes. It is easy to use, non-toxic, no equipment, keep clean can be pasted many times, do not hurt the surface, faster and more convenient than glue.

    You should note that the glue point can not be in contact with oil and dust, they will affect the product viscosity and adhesion. Operation to avoid contact with the plastic face, the object directly on the "glue point" surface tap, then transferred to the object, you can paste on another object Serve. Paste the pressure after a pressure to ensure that the plastic surface of the full contact and paste the surface without air residue, so that the paste better.