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The World's View on The Solvent Free Adhesive

  • Update:07-09-2017
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    Solvent free composite process in the world has more th […]

    Solvent free composite process in the world has more than 30 years of growth process, and, nearly two years of new European production of flexible packaging enterprises in 70% to 75% have chosen solvent-free composite equipment. This indication shows that the continuous growth of solvent free composite equipment will certainly promote the development and advancement of solvent free adhesive. Solvent-free adhesives are being more and more people appreciate and receive.

    The maximum speed of solvent free composite is up to 480m / min, and the operation of solvent based adhesive dry composite speed can only reach half the extent. The operation of solvent-free adhesives is relatively low. Of course, the purchase price is higher than other products, but the amount of glue on the glue, the amount of adhesive can be thrifty servants 30% to 40%, comprehensive cost than solvent-based dry compound can fall more than 50%.

    On the one hand, the price of composite equipment, a solvent-free composite equipment, the price of about 40 million US dollars, than the operation of solvent-based adhesive dry composite equipment, thrifty servant about half of the investment; Solvent composite equipment is compact, relatively dry composite equipment to reduce the drying demolition, thrifty servant space, the total area of the plant investment in terms of all have a living. Solvent-free adhesive from the operating point of view, there must be gaps at home and abroad. China is only the popular two-component solvent-free adhesive operation more, while foreign is popular, high-performance two-component solvent-free adhesive simultaneously.

    There is little demand for solvent free adhesives and the solvent-free adhesives market is slow. As raw material prices in recent years, especially the price of solvent growth, coupled with the country's increasingly brutal environmental requirements, people's environmental awareness continue to strengthen the packaging industry, more and more manufacturers of solvent-free adhesive products and technology Have to face up and appreciate the taste, so the scale until nearly 5 years in the domestic activities to grow up. Facing the market situation of solvent-free adhesive products, domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of flexible packaging adhesives are actively committed to the development of new products without solvent adhesive in order to urge the solvent-free adhesive scale of the market forward and growth.