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To Properly Select The Food Packaging Adhesive

  • Update:26-09-2017
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    The food packaging industry is a variety of packaging h […]

    The food packaging industry is a variety of packaging homes, from raising the high attraction of the shelf to the increased function of the wax box. While these unique packaging materials have a competitive advantage in the food industry, they are more difficult to attach and often require specialized food packaging adhesives. If there is no suitable food packaging adhesive, you may face pop-up and other seal failure problems, and spent on rework and scrapped money and time will increase. Working with their adhesive suppliers, adhesive users can ensure that they use the correct product for their food packaging applications.

    Food packaging adhesive is usually a two-component solvent-based polyurethane adhesive. The main agent is polyether or polyester polyol by aromatic isocyanate modified hydroxyl-containing polyurethane polyol, curing agent is aromatic isocyanates and trimethylol propane adduct, the use of a component and B component According to a certain percentage of mixed, and then diluted with ethyl acetate to a certain concentration after sizing coating.

    As a food packaging adhesive, it does not come into contact with the packaged food as a plastic container or can wall coating, but rather a layer of composite film, such as a polyethylene film or a polypropylene film, It is not directly contact with the food material, but indirect contact with the material. Many countries do not have adhesives but why polyethylene and polypropylene have developed specific hygienic standards, but rather treat it as an adjunct to protect the hygienic properties of the entire package from allowing the manufacture of its original and auxiliary materials To consider the health and safety of adhesives.

    We know that polyethylene or polypropylene, which is a film of composite inner bag, is not an extremely tight material from a microscopic point of view, and some of the low molecular weight substances used as adjuvants in the adhesive will cause the object to be wrapped Pollution, thus affecting the health of the product.