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Water-Based Adhesives

  • Update:25-11-2016
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    Water-based adhesives main advantages: Faster productio […]

    Water-based adhesives main advantages:

    Faster production: high shear strength, instant cut and fast delivery. More flexible, shorter production cycle.

    Excellent health and safety performance: free of organic solvents, VOC and aromatic isocyanate, to meet the US Food and Drug Administration regulations, is more healthy food packaging materials. Work environment more secure, reduce fire hazards, reduce pollution.

    Advanced environmental protection: the use of water-based technology, beneficial to the earth's ecology, dependence on oil-related raw materials reduced.

    Easy to use: High-speed coating, no dilution, long pot life, allowing on-line printing and compounding. Suitable for composite film, aluminized film, paper and aluminum foil.

    No conversion cost or lower: Low fixed asset inputs can be used directly on an existing textured composite equipment for solvent-based glues.

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