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Water-based Shoe Adhesive

  • Update:07-11-2016
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    1. Water-based Shoe Adhesive  to adjust the glue operat […]

    1. Water-based Shoe Adhesive  to adjust the glue operation guidelines

    (1) There should be fire extinguisher signs, fire extinguishers, scales, measuring cups, hygrometers, workbenches, mixers, exhaust fans, eyewash and operating instructions and MSDS wall charts and other items and data.

    ② water-based glue should be trained by the professional staff to deploy;

    ③ receive the glue, it should be noted that the validity period;

    ④ each time the amount of plastic should be 2 hours with plastic amount is appropriate;

    ⑤ transfer a good application of plastic bowl filled with glue and cover;

    ⑥ Add hardener (100: 5) in weight ratio in parentheses;

    ⑦ with pneumatic mixer, set the mixing time, 300 ~ 500RPM speed, stirring 10 minutes;

    ⑧ If you want to add color paste in water-based glue, and hardener at the same time to add, add the proportion of not more than 1% of the weight of glue, stir well after use;

    ⑨ glue bowl dead glue, glue failure should be promptly cleaned up, thrown into the special trash;

    ⑩ glue the remaining glue bowl, do not rewind the barrel, so as not to contaminate the glue bucket glue.

    2. Water-based plastic gluing (brush glued) operating guidelines

    ① brushing, the water-based plastic brush and solvent-based plastic brush can not be used interchangeably;

    ② should also be equipped with two or more plastic brush, plastic brush to use about 1 hour, the application of water clean, placed in water soaking, for another branch, two plastic brush alternating use, to maintain soft bristles;

    ③ found glue brush on the cake, gel, should be immediately removed with boiling water;

    ④ removed from the cleaning solution of plastic brush, to be wiped with a clean fine cloth before being used to brushing glue;

    ⑤ cleaning solution should be covered with non-metallic containers, after soaking the plastic brush, the cleaning solution contains more resin (the color becomes very white), should be replaced;

    ⑥ Water-based glue and solvent-based glue brush should be used to soak different cleaning solution;

    ⑦ use the capacity of about 500ml plastic bowl, and is equipped with a suitable bowl to cover the glue;

    ⑧ add glue to the bowl every time before the glue should be used up;

    ⑨ brushing glue action specification, according to mark line brushing, brushing at least once brushing back and forth, for some more plastic material (such as the multi-fluffed velvet, after grinding coarse leather, etc.) brushing back and forth, especially Important to ensure brushing in place, but also to prevent the accumulation of plastic;

    ⑩ coated good glue shoes, can not overlap with each other to avoid pollution and affect the dry.

    1, before treatment, the first should be fully distinguish between materials, different materials, should use different treatment agent;

    2, the processing requirements of a thorough uniform, gauze, cotton and other accessories must be regularly replaced to ensure that the treatment effect;

    3, to be fully treated agent after drying, and then to the glue. The amount of glue on the request to avoid the accumulation of plastic and the thickness of different or less glue;

    4, in order to improve the water-based PU shoe glue heat resistance, water resistance, oil and other properties, should be added before using the proportion of 3-5% water-based hardener, and the first stir, add hardener within 2 hours .

    6, after the glue, the drying temperature should be set at between 60 ℃ -70 ℃, the drying time (5), hardening agent is easy to react with the water vapor in the air, etc., after use should be immediately tightly cover the mouth to avoid deterioration, To 4 minutes to 5 minutes is appropriate, at the glue office

    And after the wind to avoid wind and placed in damp places, or likely to cause surface crust or surface white mist, leading to not


    7, select the best time to stick adhesive, an alignment, try to avoid the pull and then paste;

    8, after the paste must be completed within the viscous time to maintain all the pressure action, the accumulation of pressure for too long re-line, missed the best fit

    Will lead to the next between the poor and so on;

    9, the pressure of time and pressure should be properly set the size, the greater the pressure, then the better, but not deformation of the principle of the shoe, time

    Should also be controlled in more than 8-12 seconds is better;

    10, after the brush can be washed with water;

    11, the use of finishing agent to remove the upper contaminants, to prevent the solvent into the adhesive layer, damage to the crystal, resulting in the subsequent bad;

    12, the product in the weather, phenology and other objective factors in the conversion process, if any operation, process and quality differences

    Please contact our Engineering Department in time and timely solutions will not affect the production and reduce production efficiency.