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What are the Different Types of Industrial Adhesive

  • Update:30-01-2017
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    Different types of industrial adhesives like epoxy, res […]

    Different types of industrial adhesives like epoxy, resins, acrylics, silicones and hot-melt adhesive are regularly used for bonding plastics, metals, glass and a host of other purposes. They are used to address creative, assembly, maintenance and repair concerns in craft, construction, manufacturing and engineering applications. Such industrial adhesive use is notable for having high bonding strength, good insulation properties, and excellent resistance to impact, heat and chemicals. The industrial adhesive products can be purchased in ready to use packs, containers, glue gun cartridges and syringes.
    Resins are polymers of synthetic origin. A polymer is a large molecule formed by the combination of smaller molecules. Resins can be classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermoplastic resins can be re-molded at high temperatures, and when cooled, they become rigid. On the contrary, it is hard to remold the thermosetting resins after the curing process.

    Epoxy adhesives, perhaps the strongest of all adhesives, is used to build planes, vehicles and sports equipment. It is a waterproof, solvent-less adhesive that, in addition to its strength, has the additional benefit of being very durable and resistant to heat and chemicals. It can be cured by heat treatment and does not shrink much in the process. Epoxy comes in two parts, a resin and a hardener, and these must be mixed before use.

    Hot-melt adhesives are mainly used in the furniture, packaging, and electronics industries. These solid adhesives usually soften on heating; they evenly wet the substrates in contact with them, and solidify on cooling. You can use Plastisol widely in the vehicle industry. Water-based adhesives are easy-to-clean adhesives that contain polymers dissolved or dispersed in water. Wet bonding adhesives and contact adhesives are two classes of water-based polymer adhesive.

    Chemically hardening industrial adhesive requires a chemical reaction for bonding of two surfaces. It has two different types adhesives - single component and two component adhesives. Single-component resins are further classified into heat cure, moisture cure, and radiation cure adhesives, and anaerobic adhesives and cyanoacrylates. These adhesives are primarily used in the automotive industry, optics, microelectronics, and medical industry. Urethane adhesive, epoxies, and silicon adhesive are different types of two-component adhesives.

    Pressure sensitive resins facilitate bonding between surfaces by the application of sufficient pressure. These resins are mainly used in filter frames and membrane switch assemblies. In some cases, pressure sensitive resins are designed to be easily removable.

    Contact tape is another commonly used adhesive product. Contact tape differs from other types of tape because it is sticky on both sides. This special property allows each side to attach to surfaces to act as a bond between them.

    Contact adhesive is sometimes called contact cement. This type of adhesive product involve flammable solvents and some water based varieties. Contact adhesives are commonly applied by rolling, but in some instances they are applied by spraying. This type of adhesive tends to be good for a task that requires a person to unite two non-porous materials. here will show you more information.