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What Is Joyachem Hot-Melt Adhesive

  • Update:01-10-2016
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    A hot-melt adhesive is an adhesive made from thermoplas […]

    A hot-melt adhesive is an adhesive made from thermoplastic, which has to be heated before it can be properly applied to a surface. To dispense the hot-melt adhesive, a special heating gun is used, both to heat the thermoplastic and to dispense it through a nozzle; this comes in both low- and high-temperature varieties. While referred to collectively as glue, there are many different types of hot-melt adhesives on the market, each with special properties. There are many properties associated with these adhesives, such as how long the adhesive will last in the heat gun and how long it takes for a bond to form. All of these things should be known before choosing an adhesive type.

    Recently several hot melt glue gun manufacturers have released a new series of hot melt glue gun modules referred to as a "universal" module. This new design is being promoted as a better solution for hot melt applications both practically and economically. Traditionally, manufacturers using hot melt technology have worked with multiple modules in order to make use of different nozzles. This an be tedious, requiring extra time cleaning up and switching from one type of module to another. With the new universal module, a variety of nozzles can be attached, eliminating the need to swap out modules. The design allows for easy transition and cleaning. The modules are also rebuildable, meaning they can last longer and save on replacement equipment costs.

    The universal modules are created with a three-way design that maintains accurate metering performance during hot melt application. They modules are compatible with numerous spraying and coating technologies, including meltblown, bead and dot applicators. They further enhance pattern capabilities by accepting different nozzles, like meltblown and Nordson's CF, Summit, SureWrap, Control Coat nozzles.

    A special type of hot-melt adhesive stick is known as a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This adhesive at room temperature is solid, like most adhesive sticks. When the operator applies pressure to this stick, usually with his or her fingers, the stick is able to adhere to surfaces. This type of hot-melt adhesive functions on very low-temperature and may char if placed in a heat gun.

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