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What shoes are best glue

  • Update:21-09-2016
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    General shoe production of shoes when the soft resin wh […]

    General shoe production of shoes when the soft resin when used. The shoe repair on the street, most of the 502,101 share of a class of glue or cobbler fast rubber, these are hard plastic, glue to stick with these shoes, the shoes of Shanghai is a great harm. Often stick was feeling good, in fact, over two days, or touch the water will burst open.

    Tools / materials

    Shoe special soft resin glue (Green Leopard gum,Shoe Adhesive)

    Sanding paper, small brush, hair dryer


    (Note: The shoes are dry adhesive resin adhesive must be 2 bonding surfaces are coated with a layer of glue, and the glue dry and then heated, and finally to the second surface can not be bonded together at the glue is not yet dry state! By bonding! by following these steps)

    ① Cleaning: Patience cleaning the bonding surface to ensure clean and rough.

    ② glue: The glue on both surfaces to be thin and uniform, after coating to keep both sides apart five minutes, let the glue dry naturally, time can not fit.

    ③ After heating nip: warm wind with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds, both sides can be bonded and forced pressure (a hand into her shoe, the other hand on the outer shoe, hands pressed vigorously with each other a few seconds).

    ④ standing: Do not go tearing after the adhesive should be allowed to stand for 24 hours, can be put into use.

    The above is a standard method of operation, we can according to their actual situation, the flexibility to adjust.