R&d team

In view ocean high polymer company, our unceasing pursue to the product remarkable quality and the customer diversification demand strongly impels us unceasingly to innovate the practice, diligently pursues our work to be able to bring the high quality value for the customer, can bring the new better change for the social life.

We have a professional research and development team, including two doctors, six masters and several foreign engineers, and with the domestic famous universities to establish industry-university-research cooperation. Just like our brand of "ocean of view", our technical team eagerly looks forward to and has practiced the extensive cooperation with talents from all walks of life to gather together and sail far away. At present, we have obtained 23 patents, and will continue to innovate and expand our team strength.

We have a number of professional r & d necessary r & d equipment, including gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, mechanical testing tension machine, various types of viscosity tester, UV curing machine and aluminum plating machine and other technical equipment, looking forward to our team to provide quality service for our customers.