BASF-JOYA Joint Development Agreement Signing Ceremony

In the current era of economic globalization and deep industry integration, as global attention towards sustainable development and environmental protection continues to rise, Zhejiang Joya Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. and BASF held a milestone signing ceremony for joint development on May 14, 2024. 


This signing not only marks the official commencement of deep cooperation between the two companies in the field of polyurethane adhesives but also demonstrates their shared pursuit of green development and environmental principles. 


On this day, Mr. Bei Wenli, the President of JOYA TECH, welcomed Mr. Yang Hui, Vice President of BASF's Monomers Division in the Asia-Pacific region, and his team. During the subsequent discussions, both sides delved into the technological forefront and green development strategies of the polyurethane adhesive industry, outlining a blueprint for future cooperation.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Bei stated, "We are honoured to establish a strategic partnership with BASF, a large multinational corporation. This not only recognizes the strength of both parties but also accurately captures the future trends of the industry. We firmly believe that through this collaboration, we will accelerate technological innovation, expand market domains, and jointly create a new era in the polyurethane adhesive industry.


Mr. Yang Hui also emphasized, “In a rapidly changing market environment, partnering with customers is the key to achieving win-win situations. Our choice to collaborate with JOYA TECH is based on our shared vision and values. Through this cooperation, we look forward to driving rapid growth in both parties' businesses and injecting new vitality into the entire industry."


With the formal signing of the cooperation agreement, the collaboration between Zhejiang Joya Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. and BASF will be fully launched. This partnership is not only the alliance of two industry giants but also the beginning of comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as technological research and development, market expansion, and product innovation. Both parties will join forces to tackle industry challenges, lead future development trends, and co-write a new chapter in the polyurethane adhesive industry."

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